Celebrating Swiss National day: Let's Celebrate our Swiss Brands

Celebrating Swiss National day with the most sustainable Swiss brands.

Switzerland celebrates on 1 August its national day. And we find it really interesting to put the lights on some of our beloved Swiss brands that we collaborate with on our website.

In this article, we have compiled some of our favorite products, handmade or hand-designed only few kilometers away. Take a look.

Arloe: It is an eco-conscious, luxury swimwear brand designed in Switzerland and produced in Italy, with a desire to restore the environment. "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" - The 3 R rules of Arloe. Their swimwear are crafted from a 100% bio & plant-based thread called EVO®. Bio-based thread is proven to be high quality and have less impact on the environment than pure synthetic production.

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Ceremony Matcha: A Swiss-based brand that only serves the highest quality, organic matcha with the simplicity for daily use, boosting health, wellbeing and calm focused energy. And we are so happy to have it available on our website.

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OthermoonEdgy and environmentally-friendly, Othermoon is a Swiss-based brand that works only with noble, organic, recycled raw materials and certified fabrics. On GREENA, we have a selection of beautiful candles and scrunchies.

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Tias & Olives: It is a Swiss swimwear label rooted in Switzerland and Spain. The designs are made in Switzerland and the production takes place in an ethical family owned factory in north of Portugal. 

Responsibility and transparency are fundamental at Tías & Olives. They aim to be as transparent as possible for their community. They are a small conscious brand with big ambitions. 

For their swimwear they use the highest quality of recycled fabrics to ensure that each piece stays beautiful for years to come. They sew Italian fabric made of ECONYL®. This 100% regenerated nylon is made from nylon waste like fishing nets and industrial plastic. By reducing the pollution to our ocean, they use them to create swimwear.

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Nycha KombuchaImprove your digestion or strengthen your immune system with this thirst-quenching drink in different flavours made by hand in Switzerland by Nÿcha. You can enjoy kombucha at any time of day on its own; as a non-alcoholic aperitif; for refreshment after sport or as a basis for mixed drinks.

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Cire.Up: Spice up your next set of candles and discover the funny and unique shapes, made with vegan soja wax from this Swiss brand from Lausanne.

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Cha.CosmétiquesIn a world full of emerging brands that are trying to find the best formulas for your daily beauty routine, Cha.cosmétiques is one of the most sustainable cosmetics brands in Switzerland.

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Elemen: Their essential oils are sourced from trusted distilleries in France as well as the School for Aromatherapy in Lausanne. Their aim is to work with sources that are local, transparent and employ fair practices.

From inside out, Elemen products are well thought in order to be eco-friendly. Their packaging is 100% recyclable, and their gift sets are printed with biodegradable ink. Each bottle is hand-filled with care by Priscilla, in Lausanne.

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Happy Swiss National day and always remember to support local brands when shopping!