A word. A dream. A thought. A vision. A sustainable journey…


GREENA as a concept

GREENA is an ethical lifestyle blog promoting ethical living, sustainability and holistic wellness.

From searching artisans around the world to researching sustainable self-care routines or ethical shopping, GREENA is a great resource for anyone looking to switch to ethically-made alternatives by offering practical ways to make conscious living easier.

Sustainablity is a journey and we want you to be part of it.

GREENA is not only Zeina and Gaby but also you, the brands we work with and our partners. Through collaboration, we can all work towards the same goal.

This is how real change occurs.

Why GREENA started

We want to change the view about consumption.

Humans won’t stop consuming but what if we change the way we consume? 

What if we start considering carefully our choices, to consume less but quality products that are long lasting? 

What if we invest in products that can be recycled or resold once we don’t want to use them anymore?

What if we start thinking in what we will do tomorrow with what we're buying today?

GREENA aims to inspire you to make small changes that will transform your habits and create a positive impact on the planet.

The GREENA way

We believe in the power of collaboration.

Our goal is to create content for you and give you all the information and tips, so you can make small changes in your habits to contribute to a better world.

But you must be wondering where to start? What should I change first? 

Information is power and once you start understanding the positive impact of a sustainable lifestyle, it will just come naturally to you where you should start.

What to expect from GREENA

GREENA provides you with content to help you achieve a sustainable lifestyle: from the foods you eat to the hotel you stay-in when you go on vacation. 

We try to be with you in each step you take towards a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle, that we believe should become the norm.

GREENA is with you every day. We share with you our findings, tips and brands that we love.

Information is power and an informed consumer can change the world. 

Are you ready to join us in this journey?

Gaby & Zeina

Our Values

Preserve the nature


We work with brands that implement sustainable practices. Handmade, upcycling, recycling and zero waste are key factors to be considered when creating a product.

Minimalism is not only a concept


We need to focus on what we need, instead of focusing on what we want.

Choose wisely because


We work with brands that make pieces build to last. We should look for quality in every choice we make: from the foods we eat to the clothes we buy.

Let's make an impact


We need to support each other and empower artisans, local and sustainable businesses.