Margot in Blue/Black Reversible swimsuitMargot in Blue/Black Reversible swimsuit
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Daphne in Ocean BlueDaphne in Ocean Blue
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Daphne in Ocean Blue

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Rosie Bikini Bottom in Edelweiss WhiteRosie Bikini Bottom in Edelweiss White
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Nath Swimsuit in Sage GreenNath Swimsuit in Sage Green
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Nath Swimsuit in Sage Green

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Shop Sustainable & Eco-friendly Products:

“When you bid on sustainability, you are choosing life for this planet!”

Our thoughtful shopping habits can actually support the world to revive once again. GREENA aims to create awareness to make sure the population is conscious of how their actions can impact the planet. Our mission is to share tips and brands that encourage the masses to move towards adopting a sustainable and ethical lifestyle.

We strongly believe in the power of collaboration to generate a significant change for environmental wellbeing. That’s what has encouraged us to support sustainably mindful brands as a part of our mission. Featuring an extensive product collection that promotes self-care with sustainable products, our goal is to offer you products that are healthy for the planet but also for you.

Sustainable Shopping

Every time we make a purchase decision, we have a chance to contribute to environmental well-being. Supporting sustainable brands that make products that grace the planet is an important step towards living in a non-toxic environment. Take the first step towards a greener, healthier, and more sustainable future with your purchases.

Want to know how your green choices could let this planet recover every day? Scroll down to understand the difference.

A contribution to the conservation of natural resources

When renewable and recycled materials are adopted in regular routine, finite resources would step back from the edge of complete depletion. Sustainably driven materials such as ethically-sourced wood, recycled plastic, and organic fabrics alleviate the demand for virgin materials. For instance, our product 

Viana Leftover Denim Wrap Skirt, fabricated using 100% leftover denim, demands no raw fabrics. Moreover, the brand LABISK.OT features this ethically sourced garment, Clematis Rpet and Ecosmart Elastane Leggings Flower Garden, made of Rpet (100% recycled polyester imported from Turin, Italy) which lowers the use of natural resources.

Putting Waste Garbage Under Control

Single-use products, for instance, polybags, plastic sheets, disposable cotton pads, and other plastic products that cannot be recycled or reused, contribute directly to burdening the landfills even more. However, a high-quality reusable alternative such as a colorful, Crocheted, and Reusable Soap Bag and SACK Multi-use Food Bag, and CERA Beeswax wrap are a great deal to put a halt to plastic waste. 

Lessen Carbon Emissions

By shopping for handmade products, you are directly replacing the products manufactured using high-energy-consuming machines. The conventional process of fabrication generates carbon emissions and extends the boundaries of the climate crisis. Another wonderful aspect of purchasing handcrafted products is that we are supporting the small vendors along with the reduction of toxic pollutants.

Frequently asked questions

If the production of a product requires nonrenewable resources, damages the environment, or results in harm to individuals or society, it is unlikely to be sustainable. 

Sustainable products are those that benefit society, the environment, and the economy over their entire lifecycle, from raw material extraction to final disposal, while also safeguarding human health and the environment.

We have collaborated with sustainable brands that feature eco-friendly products only. All of the products are either sourced organically, recycled, handmade, or have a minimal harsh impact on the environment.

To make sure you lower your carbon footprint to the lowest possible point, we are suggesting a long list of eco-friendly lifestyle products. Our list of products includes homeware, clothing, self-care, food & beverages, and other similar products.

Check below some of the suggestions to make environmentally-mindful shopping decisions. 

  • Look for products from sustainable brands.
  • Shop products that have been recycled, derived from renewable resources, are biodegradable, or are eligible to be recycled.
  • Consider the packaging of the products, it must be eco-friendly or extremely minimal.
  • Choose high-quality products that do not have to be replaced frequently.

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