CHA. cosmétiques: Artisanal soaps and natural cosmetics made in Switzerland!

In a world full of emerging brands that are trying to find the best formulas for your daily beauty routine, come and discover with us, one of the most sustainable cosmetics brands in Switzerland CHA. cosmétiques.

🧼How it started?
The cosmetic adventure began in 2015, when Charlotte, the soul behind the brand, tried to make some home made soaps in her kitchen.
What was initially a simple hobby, a desire to consume less and better, has finally turned into a real passion and a professional brand.
“CHA. cosmétiques” saw the light two years after, in 2017, and it is in the heart of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Canton Neuchâtel, that solid shampoos, scrubs, balms and soaps are produced.
The recipes of these products were elaborated with attentiveness and Charlotte have been developing them with the greatest care.

🧼The ingredients used:
In order to keep the products as natural as possible, their formulas are simple. This also grant minimalistic yet effective products.
At CHA. The main ingredients used are olive oil, sunflower oil and hemp oil for the production of soaps.
From inside-out the products are eco friendly, all the containers used are either reusable or made from recyclable glass.

The best sellers are solid shampoo and soaps. On average, they manufacture at least 700 solid shampoos and 500 soaps per month.

CHA. cosmétiques is :
1️⃣Products made with love, with ingredients of natural and organic origin
2️⃣Raw materials primarily Swiss or European
3️⃣Zero waste or reusable containers and packaging
4️⃣Recipes developed to take care of your skin and hair

Also, If you are interested in learning how to make your own homemade soap or cosmetic products, CHA. cosmétiques is organising workshops to explain the details and go through the whole process.

You can shop CHA. cosmétiques products, workshops or gift cards on their website directly ;)

Local, artisanal, minimalistic and sustainable. This is CHA. cosmétiques. Will you give it a try? Sure thing that you will love it, just as we do!