Gaby and Zeina are the souls behind GREENA

Hi there, we are Gaby and Zeina, two colleagues, friends and business partners who started their sustainability journey a few years ago. And today, we want to spread our knowledge and share with you everything we have learned along the way.

We met in 2018 at our full-time job and we realized we had the same passion and goals. We started this adventure in October 2020 as a side-gig and since then, we have been growing step by step. 

GREENA is just starting. Will you join us on this journey?

Meet Gaby

"We are what our habits make us and consequently they will have an impact on the planet. Switching to a minimalist and sustainable lifestyle, allows me to form healthy habits, enjoy every single thing more and consider carefully my choices" - Gaby

A few years ago, my habits were totally different to what they are today. I used to buy on impulse and nowadays, I evaluate every single product before making a purchase: Is the quality good? How is it made? Who made it? How many times will I use it? Can this item have a second life? 

Sustainability is a journey, it’s not about being perfect but putting in the effort every single day to change one small thing that can contribute to the planet and to our health. Motivation and consistency has allowed me to transform my habits and build a sustainable lifestyle.

To tell you a bit about my passions in life... I love doing yoga, sports and dance flamenco. Being active is essential for me. I love to write and read about health and sustainability topics. I love nature, the sea is my element, the sound of the waves makes me instantly relaxed, it is my favourite place on earth!

Meet Zeina

"Learn one new thing everyday, change one small thing everyday, our daily actions have the biggest impact on our lives and on our planet" - Zeina

I am in the transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle and I am loving every part of it. GREENA is my journey and my cause, it is also my happy place where I learn something new everyday and I get to know beautiful people that are behind the most conscious brands and actions. 

The best part of it, is also sharing this with you! The GREENA Community :)

Also I am a huge nature lover, I like hiking and discovering mountains, lakes and forests. I think it is a great way to appreciate the environment surrounding us and to see what we have today and what we would like to preserve for future generations. The emotions that nature transmits to us are amazing!