When the weather is hot, is it enough just to drink water?

Be Hydrated Inside Out

When the weather is hot, is it enough just to drink water?

We all love this season, isn’t? The period to enjoy outdoor activities, the sea, barbecues with friends, the blue sky, and many more. While enjoying all these activities at their fullest it’s important and it’s also key to always remember to take care of ourselves. 

Our summer guide will help you stay refreshed and rejuvenated in the hot weather. From hydrating drinks to cleansing soap bars for summer skincare, here is everything you will need.

Staying hydrated is key to maintain high levels of energy.

Hydration is not simply about drinking lots of water; there is more to it.

Discover in this article the products that will ensure a healthier, happier and more enjoyable summer season. 

Nourishing Moisturisers

Excessive summer heat can dehydrate your face and body. The best way to protect yourself and add a protective skin barrier is by applying nourishing moisturisers.

Our Butter Body Cream from Mido Made is a great moisturiser for glowing summer skin. Your skin will get nourished to the deepest layers.

Cleansing Soap Bars

The hot weather can cause bacteria growth if not paid adequate attention. Cleansing your skin regularly will ensure impurities do not pile up.

A good choice are our soap bars made with 100% natural ingredients.

From Cha.cosmetics: made with active charcoal, the « Ramoneur » soap will exfoliate, reduce inflammation, absorb toxins and excess oil.

From the same brand, The « Kawa » soap is a tonic scrub that will deeply nourish your skin thanks to its content of olive oil and cocoa butter.

We also have a variety of soaps from Mido Made that will act as an emollient and they are packed with Vitamin E and fatty acids due to their high content of different oils. 

Creamy and Nourishing Natural Soap Bar - Pink 

Mido made nourishing soap

Creamy and Nourishing Soap Bar - Spice


Stay hydrated with our Kombucha drinks when you get bored of plain water all day long. Try our different flavors: Ginger, Quince and Pear, Swiss alpine herbs and pure fermented. Your order will come with 16 bottles. Try it this summer and enjoy its refreshing and cooling effects!

Enjoy the summer!