Meet Elemen: The Power of Essential Oils for Him

Introducing the first brand for men on GREENA: Elemen a Swiss brand from Lausanne. 

The story of Elemen

Since 8 years ago Priscilla, the soul behind the brand, fell in love with the world of essential oils. In November 2022, she decided to put a name on her passion and this is when Elemen was created.

Priscilla has always loved natural solutions to everyday life, but the power of essential oils really stroked her. Over the years, she led workshops on how to use essential oils and she also helped making products for other brands. She became an expert in this topic.
And one question has always come up to her mind: How essential oils could help my son, my husband, my father?

It was from there that Elemen was born.

Her vision was to create modern aromatherapy products that can appeal to everyone, but especially men, by highlighting masculine scents.

The Details about Elemen Essential Oils 

Elemen’s essential oils are sourced from trusted distilleries in France as well as the School for Aromatherapy in Lausanne. Their aim is to work with sources that are local, transparent and employ fair practices.

From inside out, Elemen products are well thought in order to be eco-friendly. Their packaging is 100% recyclable, and their gift sets are printed with biodegradable ink. Each bottle is hand-filled with care by Priscilla, in Lausanne.

Elemen products' offer consists on 8 essential oils and 1 Après-Sport balm.

When asking Priscilla about the best-sellers, she shared that currently the Hangover, Stress-Free, and Refuel essential oils are the best sellers. Their Après-Sport balm isn’t far behind either. Let's deep dive on these best-sellers:

With their modern approach to aromatherapy, a lot of people are surprised that essential oils can help with hangovers, but they are so happy with the results. Thanks to its ginger & lemon blend, the "Hangover" essential oil, will help you feel relieved and ready for a new day. It comes to the rescue within minutes of application - soothing your headaches, fatigue and overall irritable feeling.

The “Stress-Free” essential oil is reminiscent of walking through the forest, which is scientifically proven to help reduce the stress hormones in the body and promote a sense of calm. Having this roll-on in your pocket is like having a portable forest with you wherever you go.

Since a lot of us are running on low battery these days, an extra boost of energy and focus is always welcome, especially when it’s not accompanied by the jitters that too much caffeine can induce. The "Refuel" essential oils helps giving you more focus and energy. 

Last, but not least is the "Après-Sport" balm. The oils that make up the balm are warming and soothing for the muscles. They also contain anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties, so the customers love applying it after a challenging game or after their workout at the gym.

You can find these bestsellers and much more products on our Online Shop! 

Made-to-order Essential Oil Mixtures 

Priscilla is always happy to listen to her customers’ specific needs and ready to craft something special for them. This is why, she is developing some new products that have a more unisex approach given the high interest from both men and women on essential oil. So if you have a special request and would like to check with Priscilla, you can reach out to her on Elemen Instagram Page.

“My goal when creating Elemen was to make the healing power of nature accessible to all, in particular men. More and more men are recognizing the importance of self-care and using natural solutions, and I want to share that message with as many people as possible.” - Words of Priscilla, The founder of Elemen. 

We are so happy to start this collaboration with Elemen, and we hope that you are excited to start using these essential oils as much as we are.