Sustainable Summer Dresses for Women

Your summer wardrobe collection is not just going to be vibrant but also sustainably crafted! At "GREENA," we have showcased some of the finest dresses to beat the heat. Whether you're into bold and vibrant prints or prefer classic shades, we have the dresses to meet your choices. Let us help you explore our assortment of summer dresses and enlighten you about the perks of sustainable clothing…

Features and Benefits

Breathable and Comfortable for Hot Summer Days

Our sustainable summer dresses are designed with breathable and comfortable fabrics, keeping you cool and confident even during the hottest summer days. Forget the sweaty discomfort which can occur when you wear dresses made from synthetic materials. 

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

Our dresses are crafted from environmentally friendly...... Read More


  • Are your sustainable summer dresses available in a wide range of sizes and body types?

    Yes, our summer dresses are available in different sizes. You can choose the size after checking the details of each product.

  • How can I properly care for and maintain my sustainable summer dresses to maximize their lifespan?

    To maximize the lifespan of your sustainable summer dresses, follow the care instructions provided. Wash them in cold water, preferably by hand or on a gentle cycle. Hang dry or use a low heat setting. Avoid harsh chemicals and excessive sun exposure.

  • Where can I find sustainable summer dresses made from upcycled or recycled materials?

    You don’t need to go elsewhere since GREENA is here to fulfill your desire. We have a collection of dresses made from recycled bottles and other eco-friendly materials like organic cotton. Browse our collection and pick a dress of your choice.

  • Do your sustainable summer dresses for women come in various colors and patterns?

    Of course, we know that you love to buy dresses in different hues and designs. That’s why we have carefully curated a collection of classy dresses that you can choose depending on your taste in color and pattern.

  • Do you also provide the option of customized clothing?

    Yes, we also sell beautiful dresses by Sanikai. If you order their products, you can let us know the measurements, and we will convey them. Thus, you can receive customized ethical luxury clothing.

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