OTHERMOON: Handmade treasures to adopt!

Green-up your daily life with Othermoon: the brand that will illuminate your everyday-life with handmade treasures!

Edgy and environmentally-friendly, Othermoon is a Swiss-based brand that works only with noble, organic, recycled raw materials and certified fabrics.

Why “OtherMoon”?
🌑The moon is a strong symbol of feminity, intuition and change, elements that grow with us as we become women.
🌱«Other» – in the words of Nasthasya and Ileana, the founders: “we like the idea of integrating into our lives a change in the way we function. Setting out for a new experience with other codes and habits”.

A mindset that we all need, no matter in which stage of the sustainable lifestyle you are, there’s always time to change and to integrate new habits into your daily routine.

What can OtherMoon bring to your everyday-life?
🧼Soaps, scrunchies, make-up remover wipes, candles and posters.

What are their 5 commitments to offer you a sustainable product that respects you and the planet?
🌱Business partners from Europe to participate in the local economy and reduce their footprint.
🌱Responsible production to reduce waste: illustrations are printed on request and perishable products are manufactured in small quantities.
🌱Raw materials: Soaps are produced according to the cold saponification method with organic vegetable oils.
Scrunchies, make-up remover pads, coton bags are sewn with Oeko Tex and GOTS certified fabric.
Candles: GMO-free and 100% biodegradable, they have chosen to use soy wax for their fabrication.
🌱Packaging: In order to meet health requirements, their products for body use are protected by a biodegradable plastic packaging made of corn starch.
🌱Excellence: OtherMoon makes it a point of honor to serve its customers with professionalism and kindness. Transparency is key in their relationship with customers to inform the composition of the various products by respecting a quality charter.

In Greena we have bought the scrunchies which are so comfortable while evoking 90s nostalgia!
We will definitely give a try to the other categories.