Meet Ceremony Matcha: a high quality product in harmony with Nature

It’s here! We are so happy to finally have Matcha on our website thanks to our new collaboration with the amazing Swiss based brand ‘Ceremony Matcha’. We’ve long been enthusiasts of this green powder superfood since it’s full of amazing health and mind benefits: from detox and antioxidants properties to anti-stress benefits. Matcha is definitely a green miracle.

There are so many brands in the market, so we needed to be careful with our choice to offer you a high quality drink and Ceremony Matcha was the right answer.

What type of Matcha produces Ceremony Matcha?

Ceremony Matcha produces “ceremonial grade matcha”. It’s the highest quality matcha.

Ceremonial grade matcha is traditionally intended for a very special tea ceremony (calles “Koicha” in Japan which means “thick tea”) one in which the tea would be consumed straight up and with hardly any water.
Ceremonial grade matcha uses only the youngest, freshest tea leaves on the upper part of the plant.

Vibrant green, synonym of good quality

Besides producing the best quality matcha, the color is also an indicator of its quality.  If it's vibrant green like Ceremony Matcha: high quality from fresh young leaves. If it's yellowish or even brown, that can't be good. Stay away.

How is matcha made?

Matcha is derived from the same tea plant as all other types of teas — camellia sinensis. Green tea for matcha is cultivated in the shade. This process inhibits photosynthesis, causing the tea leaves to produce large amounts of chlorophyll and other nutrients in the leaves making matcha so green.
The leaves are then harvested and quickly steamed. Then, they undergo a drying and de-stemming process, which will leave only the finest parts of the leaves - the tencha. Afterwards the leafes are stone grinned into a powder.

Who’s behind this brand and how did everything started?

Carolin Winder, the soul behind the brand, realized coffee had been giving her nervous jitters and she was determined to find a satisfying alternative. After her first beautiful bright green matcha latte, she was hooked. Over time Carolin began to experience calmed nerves, less anxiety, fewer stomach problems, no afternoon crashes, and better focus. Since 2019, she’s been on a mission to make the health benefits of matcha more accessible, and highlight matcha as a great option for a delicious daily pick-me-up.

Where does Caroline source Matcha?

Since 2019, she only sources from the highest quality (Ceremonial) directly from an organic farm in Uji, Japan.

Uji is the birthplace of matcha where family farmers have been growing and harvesting matcha green tea since the 13th century.

“After sampling dozens of matcha powders I found an organic, ceremonial grade, Japanese matcha that I loved. For me it was essential to find a delicious matcha, that is safe to consume daily."
- Carolin, Founder

Living in harmony with each other and with nature

Carolin seeks and advocates to live with mindful intention and in harmony with body, mind and soul.

Everything she does is inspired and based on the values found in the art of tea: harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility

- Live in harmony with each other and with nature
- Respect all things and ourselves
- Have a pure heart, mind and spirit
- Nurture a sense of calm even amid the chaos

Matcha is not only a drink but it can also help us to have a conscious living and this is what Carolin actively promotes.

Matcha has always been intertwined with Zen Buddhism and a key element on the rituals to emphasise mindfulness and spirituality. Zen monks typically drank Matcha before beginning their meditation sessions, tea ceremonies were held where Matcha was consumed and it was taken very seriously for its restorative properties and perceived qualities to promote clarity of the mind. It wasn’t just about drinking the tea, it was about slowing down and being in the moment. It was about appreciating life, its simple joys, its beauty and its impermanence. Let’s get inspired with these old world traditions and apply them in our busy routines.

That’s not all…

Ceremony Matcha is proud to be an oficial member of “1% for the Planet”, an amazing organization that connects businesses with environmental nonpro" in an effort to protect and preserve our planet through climate advocacy, food policy, wildlife restoration, and much more.

For Caroline, contributing to this cause is aligned with the brand’s beliefs and values to do good for the planet and all its inhabitants.

Ceremony Matcha selection on GREENA

Discover now the selection of products on our website from different sizes of matcha (30 grs, 60 grs or 100g for the cooks that love to use this ingredient in their recipes). Also, you can find the hand-crafted bamboo whisks for your matcha preparation that is called “chasen” in Japanese and is made of bamboo. It has been used for centuries in traditional tea ceremony.

You can also find the whisk holder which is called ‘naoshi’ and is made out of ceramic and helps to prolong the life of your whisk.

Ceremony Matcha only serves the highest quality, organic matcha with the simplicity for daily use, boosting health, wellbeing and calm focused energy. And we are so happy to have it now available on our website.

If you want to learn more about all the benefits of Matcha, you can visit this link.

Enjoy your day and have a cup of matcha.