CIRE.UP: Vegan candles made with soja wax

Spice up your next set of candles and discover the funny and unique shapes, made with vegan soja wax from the Swiss brand: Cire up

The small swiss brand from Lausanne is taking the candles forms to another level.

🕯The story behind
Everything started in March 2021, when Helene, the soul behind cire up, was not happy throwing the leftover candles she bought. So, she decided to collect them instead, until she could melt them and create a new one.
She also started collecting the used candles from her surroundings (family, friends or shops).

After the success of her upcycled candles, she decided to go one step further and start making handmade vegan soja wax candles.

🕯Sustainable in every step
The process that Helene follows to make her vegan candles is very artisanal and sustainable. She insists on sourcing her vegan soja wax from a local zero-waste shop.
She can make up to 40 candles a day and every candle is made by her own hands in Lausanne.

The candles in the shops are all in white color, but if you would like to have a colored one, Helene is more than happy to customize your order. Contact her directly and place your order via Cire up

Her best sellers are the woman body, the vulva and the bubble candles!

“I LOVE on demande orders as it gives me the opportunity to talk to the customer and understand their need better” - words of Helene.

In 2022, Cire up is changing a little bit their offer and the candles availabilities will be following the seasons!
Better management of the stock and less waste. We love this more sustainable approach.

Check the beautiful selection from Cire up and order your favorites.