The ultimate list of essentials to your summer outing on the lake

Going to lakes in Switzerland is a summer ritual and especially during these hot days!

Today and the next week the weather forecast is announcing hot and warm days, so let's go to the lake and enjoy a dip in the fresh water.

Known for its scenic lakes with the clyster clear blue water and the landscape, the Swiss lakes are definitely a good place to beat the heat!

In this article, we have compiled a list of essentials to make sure you have everything you need for your outing if you’re planning to go to the lake these upcoming days, just like us!

1. Carry reusable bags for your snacks or to keep your bread fresh. We have two different colors on our website from the Swiss brand Loggia. 

Shop the Sack Food Bag in Yellow 

Shop the Sack Food Bag in Grey


2. Use Beeswax wraps instead of plastic to cover and wrap foods like cheese, fruits, veggies, and sandwiches. We have the starter set with three different sizes from the brand Loggia. We are definitely in love with the yoga edition!

Shop the Beeswax wrap  - Yoga edition

3. Choose a sustainable swimsuit. We have a large choice on GREENA made of two different fabrics: 

  • EVO®️ is an innovative and sustainable fabric that is perfect for swimwear made from castor seed oil. 
  • ECONYL®️ is 100% regenerated nylon made from nylon waste like fishing nets and industrial plastic.

We are in love of the new collection of Tias & Olives & Arloe featuring violet and pink tones!

Shop the Pepe Econyl Bikini Bottom & Camilo top from Tias and Olives 


Shop the Mischa Swimsuit from Arloe 

4. Celebrate in style and take the right hair accessories with you to be more comfortable in the hot weather and while doing activities in the lake! We have a large choice of scrunchies in different colors and organic materials that are much softer than a traditional elastic band and massively reduces the risk of hair damage. One of our favorites is the 'Corail' scrunchy made of organic cotton from the brand OtherMoon. 

Shop 'Le Corail' scrunchy from OtherMoon

5. Take water and stay hydrated all day long! And if you get bored of plain water, try Kombucha in different flavors: ginger, quince & pear, Swiss alpine herbs and pure fermented. 

Shop our Kombucha collection from Nycha

6. Bring a cooler with plenty of ice to keep food and drinks perfectly iced. Also, your water, wine or Kombucha will be even more enjoyable when served refreshingly chilled. 

7. Take a towel even if you are not planning to get wet at the lake. You can also use it to lay out on the floor to sit on if you don’t take a picnic blanket or fold-up chairs. 

8. Store all your lake essentials in a totebag! KOMANA, the Swiss based brand has created these beautiful totebags with eclectic prints! 

Shop the Eye Block print Totebag from Komana


Shop the Snake Wave print Totebag from Komana 


Enjoy these hot summer days and let us know your favorite spots :)