It’s time to prepare a sustainable Christmas dinner table

From gift wrapping to decoration, the short period of the holidays can generate tons of waste and foster not very environmentally choices.
But there are ways to celebrate a more sustainable Christmas! And they’re easy to embrace!

In the past weeks we’ve covered:

Furoshiki: the art of gift wrapping
Choosing or renting the right Christmas tree
DIY Christmas decoration

Now, if you’re hosting Christmas at your place this year, it’s time to get inspired with some sustainable table setting ideas!

1. Go outdoors and search some natural decoration

Twigs, acorns, berries, dried flowers are all perfect starting points for a centrepiece. Either laid informally on the table or layered with festive ornaments and string lights, the result will be festive and totally eco-friendly!
Search for pinecones or leafy branches and use them as a table runner!

With these ideas, you will have an eye-catching all-natural Christmas table.

Going to the nature to search for some elements and decorate your home will also be a great opportunity to breath some pure air and get active! It’s also a fun way to involve children in decorating!

2.  Buy second-hand tableware, candle holders and vases

Go second-hand shopping and search second-hand tableware, candle holders, vases and unique ceramics to decorate your home. It’s a bonus if you find matching plates and glasses but if you don’t, your table setting can still look charming with mismatched items.

You can find pre-owned tableware in Etsy or vintage options in Shopstyle that will make your dining table a unique one.

Add fun & eco-friendly candles to your dinner table

We selected for you some candles that are available for shipping or pick-up on GREENA

4. Invest in pieces that you can bring to the table year after year

Just say no to disposable plates and cutlery when setting your holiday table. Use a washable table linen and organic cotton napkins. 

5. Tie your cotton napkins with twine and add some fresh rosemary and cinnamon sticks

This will be the perfect decorative element to each plate. And what is better than adding Cinnamon sticks that give off that lovely festive aroma?

Now it’s time to gather everyone around the table and enjoy Christmas! Remember that the most important is to appreciate every minute with your beloved ones!

Happy Holidays