Meet UMILE: Enjoying and Discovering the Taste of Biodiversity

Umile aims to recover heirloom seeds in disparition, caring and regenerating healthy soils and growing crops without any chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Umile works closely with nature and not against it, by working only in environments where biodivesity is respected. Besides sustainable agriculture, Umile leverages the natural plants we find in our forest. The team respectfully collect them in the Jura and Alps to create food supplements that can help to prevent and heal diseases.
From the land to your plate, enjoying and discovering the taste of biodiversity, this is Umile’s mission.

What we love about Umile?

  • Plant biodiversity: 150+ peasant varieties or wild plants cultivated and prepared
  • Friendly bacteria: 100,000+ billion lactic ferments (probiotics) in your intestines thanks to Umile’s products
  • Living soils: Hectares of soil that protect the micro, meso and macro fauna, their biodiversity
  • Collaborative ecosystem in partnership with +11 farmers and the social reintegration association Gardens of Voltaire
  • A team that believes in the future and finds new solutions to reconcile business and nature protection.

What would you find on our website?

1. Vegetable creams: that can be eaten in so many ways ; as a soup, with a spoon for small appetites, as a dip or even as a sauce for the risotto and pasta.

2. The most delicious spreads: Cacao and hazelnuts or Honey and hazelnuts. Spread it on a slice of bread or on your favorite pancakes, mixed with fruits, spices or even plain yoghurt.

3. Fruit puree made with old peasant varieties: conference pear and boskoop apple.

4. Rice and Pasta: depending on your needs we have different types: whole grain and white. They have been grown in organic districts to avoid water contamination. And they have been decorticated manually at low temperature to conserve all the nutrients.

5. Olive Oil: delicious and slightly astringent due to the high amount of polyphenols which has a very positive impact on our health for its antioxidant properties.
The oil is extracted in a mill that turns very slow to avoid that temperature goes up. It’s a mechanical process that doesn’t apply any temperature.

6. Wild formulas: these are food supplements made with plants that come from the Jura. They have been collected in the forest by Umile’s team. After 30 minutes of the pick-up process, the team extracts the juice from the plant, all the process is mechanically done without applying any temperature. Umile applies methods that are respectful of nutrients where no temperature is applied.

We absolutely love this brand: not only for the delicious taste but for its strong respect to the nature.

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