Furoshiki: The art of gift wrapping

Preparing gifts for your loved ones can be fun! But let’s also make it zero-waste.

We would like to share with you an idea that can help keeping your gifts not only beautifully wrapped but also environmentally-friendly.

Furoshiki is the Japanese art of gift wrapping using a piece of cloth or fabric. 

The idea is to use existing fabric that you have at home. You can recycle old bed sheets, old shirts or scarfs, and using them to wrap your gifts. 

No tape or single-use wrapping paper, just a repurposed piece of fabric folded and tied artfully.

Get ready for your holiday gifts and search at home any old napkins, tablecloths or cut-offs to wrap your presents.

This ancient art of Japanese gift wrapping is an eco-friendly alternative. Go for a minimalist or a colourful one, depending on the taste of your beloved ones.

Great gifts come in a nice packaging and even better if it’s sustainable.

Use your creativity to wrap your gifts these holidays. And if you try Furoshiki, tag us at #thegreenaproject