Sustainable options to help you choose your Christmas tree!

A scent hard to replicate, an essential decor for the holidays where family gathers around every year: the Christmas Tree. 

If you are searching for a sustainable idea for your Christmas tree this year, opt for a potted one. It is GREENA approved.

Why artificial trees are not good for the environment? 

  1. They are made of PVC, a material non renewable, polluting and non recyclable.
  2. PVC production results in unhealthy emissions of carcinogens.

Instead, opt for a potted tree: carbon neutral and that will stay with you several years.

Once Christmas is over, you can definitely reuse it for next years, or plant it outdoors. 

Another option would be to rent the Christmas tree. Yes, it is possible.

If you are in Switzerland, check Ecosapin. Here is how it works:

- Order your Ecosapin on their dedicated website.

- Select the size and the sort of your Christmas tree.

- Get your tree delivered to your door on the day of your choice.

- Spend a wonderful Christmas with your natural Christmas tree.

- Choose a day for Ecosapin to pick-up the tree back.

- Your Ecosapin will be replanted.

- If the tree can't continue with its lifecycle, it will be transformed to BIOGAS.

Let’s make our Christmas more sustainable and stay tuned for GREENA approved ideas!

Let the holidays begin!