The Summer Edit - Our curated selection of eco-friendly products for the perfect summer

We are bringing the sunshine in with a unique selection of our favorite sustainable picks for summer. From a stylish multicolor v-neck swimsuit to a nourishing vegan broccoli oil, there’s something for everyone.

 1. A basic for your every day: The organic cotton white scrunchy from Othermoon

The scrunchies have made a come back. While they may make some people think of '80s aerobics videos, the scrunchies we're seeing now are different and there are styles for everyone! We absolutely love the white scrunchy from OtherMoon, it is a simple yet chic option that, thanks to being made of organic cotton, is both easy on the eyes and on your hair. Traditional hair elastics are known to be majorly damaging to your hair. Since scrunchies are made out of fabric they prevent breakage and are less damaging to your hair strands. We absolutely prefer scrunchies since they are bulkier, studier and add a stylish element to any look.


2. Add some color to your summer beach days with Haya multicolor v-neck swimsuit from Arloe 

You'll rock a unique look on the beach with Haya, between the eye-catching colors and the deep neckline of this swimsuit, all eyes will be on you! Best part? It is crafted from a 100% bio-based thread called EVO®, proven to be high quality and have less impact on the environment than pure synthetic production.
EVO® is innovative and sustainable. Here’s why:

  • Extracted from castor seed oil, so it’s totally renewable.
  • Doesn’t take away from the human or animal food chain.
  • Lower global warming potential.
  • Makes high performing, ultra-light, long-lasting garments.


3. Keep yourself active during summer with the Geranium crop-top of Labisk.ot

The Asymetric crop top flatters your silhouette and empowers your femininity. The secure and sexy construction you wouldn't want to miss out on, trust us. Available in black, lilac, tie dye and floral print. The crop-top is made with 72% Rpet polyester (recycled polyester, 100% made out of recycled plastic bottles) and 28% Ecosmart Elastane Roica. 




4. Throw your beach essentials into this printed totebag from Komana

This Tote Bag is made of certified organic cotton and has been block printed by hand with the FUNNY EYE and SNAKE WAVE prints in lovely earthy colors of KOMANA. The bag has an interior zipper pocket and thanks to the four straps you can wear it comfortably over your shoulder or in your hand. This bag collection has been developed in collaboration with PARK BAGS.


 5.  The perfect skirt for the warm summer afternoons: Dianne organic linen skirt from SANIKAI

A cheeky skirt made for self-confident women.

SANIKAI selects the best design to meet the needs of every women, this skirt made with 100% organic linen is a basic in your closet. You can match it with a linen top for a classic look or even wear it with a crop top for a casual look for your summer outings and vacation.



6. Multi-use vegan brocoli oil to nourish your hair and moisturize your skin from Cha. Cosmetics

Exposure to direct sunlight damages the hair cuticle. When hair cuticles in the hair shaft are left under the sun for too long, moisture gets absorbed by the heated sun rays, making the hair frizzy and unkempt. This is why it’s important to take care of our hair with the right products. Since it’s rich in fatty acids, this oil nourishes the hair without weighing it down and most importantly, it facilitates detangling. Just a few drops of this oil will help tame frizz and bring back the life into your dull and lifeless hair.

This nourishing vegan broccoli oil is the perfect product to nourish your hair and also to moisturize your skin. One product, multiple uses!



7. Find a special spot in your place for the curvy woman soy wax candle from Cire.up

Celebrating all body types! The curvy woman of Cire.up is the epitome of feminity. Handmade with 100% vegan soy wax, she will definitely add interest to any space. 

She’s also a reminder that we must celebrate all body types and forget about the pressure that we see in the media about having a summer body. If it’s summer and you have a body, you have a summer body ;)  

 Available in white and others colors on demand. 


8. Prepare your skin for the perfect tan by exfoliating your body with the dead sea mineral salt body scrub from Mido Made

One of the best ways to prep for your tan is to exfoliate fully. Exfoliation helps removing dead skin cells, which then reveals the fresh skin underneath. This will result on a more even tan and a healthier-looking skin overall. 

The Dead Sea salt body scrub from Mido Made uses 100% pure dead salt. The high concentration of minerals and trace elements attributed to the dead sea salt makes it a good choice for your body and health.



9.  The perfect drink for your summer aperos: Ginger Kombucha from Nycha

With spicy ginger notes and a touch of fresh-fruity apple, this refreshing drink will be perfect for the warm summer afternoons. A treat for the palate and a wonderful refreshment for body and soul.


 10. Keep the summer vibes at home with this coconut wax candle of Fanfary

Made of 100% coconut wax, the scent will transport you to the sea. The gentle aroma will ensure relaxation and comfort and the ceramic ornamented shell will serve as a decorative element on your shelf or coffee table!



 Enjoy summer and we hope this selection will bring joy to the sunny and warm days.