New Year, New Sustainable Me

We all know that this is the moment of the year when everyone wants to apply changes in their lifestyle.

What if those changes are small but meaningful to ultimately make a major difference for the planet? 

GREENA helps you on the task by giving you sustainable resolutions to start the Year. You will only need motivation and dedication to achieve them :)

Go Zero-waste

- Always switch to reusable bags. This is an easy one! Remember to take it with you to the shops to avoid single-use plastic bags.
- Think before every purchase: where this will end-up after I use it? You will think twice and make better decisions. You can rent, sell-it afterwards, buy pre-owned items, and so on.
- Repurpose what you already have!
- Donate furnitures, clothing items or any other products that you do not use anymore.

Become plastic-free

- This is a difficult one, but if you can’t totally become plastic-free, try to reduce it at least!

💡Ideas: When you order take-away, never ask for plastic cutlery; use glass containers in your kitchen; buy compostable platters and cutlery for pic-nic; Get a bamboo toothbrush!

Check this article for more ideas :)

Become a minimalist

- Declutter your wardrobe and create a minimalist one. You want to know how:
  1. Get rid of items you haven't wear in one year and create some space in your wardrobe.
  2. Apply the rule of one in and out : sell as much as you buy.
  3. Invest in neutral pieces that you can easily combine with multiple outfits.
  4. Invest in high quality basics to avoid buying them again every season.
  5. Hang by clothing type, then length then color. This will also help you to get ready much faster in the morning :)
- Start minimalism from your own home! Check the benefits:
  1. More freedom and peace of mind: By owning less you will eliminate unnecessary distractions and stress.
  2. Good for the environment: Minimalism helps you decide on what you need vs. what you want.
  3. More productive: Opens up your schedule and be able to focus on what is important.
  4. Personal well-being: Utilise your extra energy on self-care. You’ll have more time to exercise, meditate or do things you love.

Become more active

- Reduce your carbon footprint: small gestures can have a great impact if we all collaborate. Ideas: bike instead of using your car.
- Go outdoor and practice your favourite sports. even during winter! check this article for some spots you can visit in Switzerland.

And don't forget to simplify your life. Avoid spending so much time in front of a screen or checking social media, look for new experiences and adventures, live the moment, enjoy being with your family and friends and give them all your attention. 

We all need to start from somewhere. If you’re new to this lifestyle, pick one or a couple ideas to start with and then go from there. 

Happy New Year everyone!