Best 3 places to visit in Switzerland for this Autumn

  1. Schwarzsee

First we will take you to canton Fribourg, and more precisely to one of its well-known natural lakes: "Schwarzsee" or "Lac noir".

The name Schwarzsee "Black Lake" comes from the dark reflections of the forests around. The lake is located in the Swiss Prealps, has an area of 0.47 km2 and it is bordered by four major peaks. The highest of them is Kaiseregg.

If you love hiking, Schwarzsee is the place to be. You can do an easy 1 hour walk around the lake or go to Riggisalp or Kaiseregg for a longer hike.
Everything is possible!

2. Aletsch Glacier

The stunning Great Aletsch Glacier is the largest glacier of the alps. It is a place to enjoy the calmness, beauty and raw landscapes.

  • It carries 11 billions tons of ice,
  • It is part of the Unesco World Heritage site,
  • It is easily accesible and the perfect place for extensive hikes,
  • It offers stunning landscapes. We recommend you the view from Bettmerhorn or Eggishorn to enjoy the upper part of the large glacier. You can reach it by walking up or with the cable car.

The nature has so much to offer. Let's enjoy it with respect and preserve it.

3. Oeschinensee - Heaven on earth

A stunning mountain lake with beautiful views of the Blüemlisalp Mountains in the Bernese Oberland.
At an elevation of 1,578 meters, it could be a great escape when you need to recharge your batteries or when you had enough of grey foggy days.

Oeschinensee is beautiful in all seasons. In winter, walking on the frozen lake will allow you to see the surrounding beauty from a different perspective.

To arrive up there, take the train to Kandersteg and from there, a gondola lift is available that leads to Oeschinen. Take your bottle of water since you will have 25 min walk to arrive to the lake!

I already visited these three places more than once, and every time I come back I am always astonished by the beautiful landscapes. I highly recommend you to visit them :)