Swiss Alpine Herbs Kombucha (16 bottles)

CHF 60.00

An intense taste from the Alps. The soothing herbs grown in the fresh sunny Graubünden mountains, give an invigorating taste of the Alps. The beautiful red colour and balancing tart taste is thanks to the powerful Aronia berries, a superfood grown in Aargau.

Your order will come with 16 bottles. If you wish to order more, select in the menu "2" and you will get 32 bottles. You can also mix flavors in your order. 

Product Details

88% Kombucha (Fair Trade Darjeeling green tea-infusion, yeasts & bacterial cultures, fair trade cane sugar), mountain herb infusion (spearmint, apple mint, lemon balm, marjoram), aronia juice, pear juice, lemon juice.

Shipping and Returns

nÿcha orders will be shipped directly from the brand.
Once shipped, the delivery times are between 2-7 days.

nÿcha doesn't accept returns but if your product is defective or damaged, please contact us at contact@thegreenaproject.com within 14 days of delivery and we will replace it by a new one.

About the brand

nÿcha is a Swiss brand based in Zurich that produces Kombucha in different flavors. A fair, local trade and organic production stands at the centre of nÿcha. Patrick Switzer, the soul behind the brand selects carefully the organic ingredients he works with, buying from suppliers who promise high quality, organic farming and test their products regularly. nÿcha uses glass bottles and carton boxes that are recyclable. Patrick says: “We consider kombucha to be the ideal alcohol free aperitif beverage. Something yummy to drink in good conscious"

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