The Winter Edit - Stay warm with a unique selection of winter essentials

When the temperature drops, everything seems to be slowing down:  

  • We enjoy spending more time at home to take care of ourselves and we gotta make it feel cozy.
  • We try some new recipes and diets to help our body boosting its immunity.
  • We do our best to stay active and do some indoor activities like yoga and meditation or outdoor activities such as ski or snowboard    

Beat the winter chill and stay warm with a unique selection of ethical and sustainable winter essentials that will help you to stay cozy, healthy and in style.

1. Cozy-up your home with our selection of eco-friendly candles

Nothing beats the cozy scented home. For this winter, Othermoon has created two special edition candles "La Gourmande" & "La Forêt Enchantée".


- "la Gourmande": With its vanilla and amber fragrances, this candle will give your interiors the perfect touch for a cozy and relaxing environment. It comes in two sizes: 180g or 200g.

- "La Forêt Enchantée": With its fir fragrances, it will give you the feeling of walking in the forest every time you light it up. It comes in one size of 180g.


They have developed a range of 100% natural candles, with CMR and phthalate free fragrances. Paraffin has been replaced by soy wax (European organic production) which is a natural, non-toxic and clean burning component.

2. Stay active even when the temperature drops

Our favourites for winter, are with no doubt the Nemesia crop top paired with clematis legging. They are comfy, made from recycled material and so stylish.

This outfit is perfect for your running sessions or even for indoor activities such as yoga.

The clematis legging has an extra high-rise with a soft, barely-there feel. Forget about camel-toes and sweat stains on these high-quality and super quick-drying fabrics. You’d never tell they are made from recycled bottles. Breathable, moisture-wicking and with a stretch fit. As a cherry on top, a wide waistband and side pockets to eliminate the hassle of storing your essentials.

The Nemesia crop top with long sleeves is your elegant activewear essential, a versatile addition to your wardrobe. This lifestyle top can be worn for outside runs, for weight trainings, for yoga sessions or even your casual outings.


3. Best in Snow ❄️ Add some style to your Ski days

For those who enjoy exploring the mountains, Tidlos selection is the perfect fit.

Astrid Sweater is Tidløs' first collection. The Nordic knit design brings great style to your time outdoors. 

Knitted in a Merino Wool & Tencel blend, the Astrid sweater is incredibly soft to the skin, helps maintain your ideal body temperature and absorbs moisture. 

Pair Astrid Sweater with Astrid Leggings and you have the perfect base layer for winter. A closet staple: Functional underwear and loungewear, all in one.


Freya Sweater is another of our favorites! It will add rich and powerful colours to your winter wardrobe. Freya Sweater is finely knitted in a nordic design. The blend of Merino wool and Tencel is smooth on the skin, helps maintain an ideal body temperature and effectively absorbs moisture.

Combined with Freya Legging you have a versatile base layer. The ideal hybrid while spending time outdoors, at restaurants or chilling out in the cabin during your ski weekends.


4. Luxurious Recycled Cashmere, Re-purposed for you

The recycled cashmere collection from Sanikai is timeless. It is the perfect combination of quality and style for this winter.

Although cashmere is not cheap and not a mass product, tons of cashmere clothes still end up on the mountain of unused clothes. Sanikai took-on this problem and travelled to Italy to see how cashmere is recycled.

Enjoy the softness and the quality on this made-to-order collection. From beanies, scarves to turtlenecks, choose the right product for you in this soft recycled cashmere.


Enjoy the season, stay warm and cozy with this list of winter essentials.