Meet Tidløs: Made for those who enjoy exploring the mountains

A sustainable Swiss fashion brand, inspired from nordic heritage since 2020.

“Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We are not saying we do everything right, but we will continuously work to improve our way of doing things for the care of the environment.”, words of Sigrid, the founder of Tidløs.

Tidløs's vision is based on 3 core values:

  • Radically Sustainable
Everything done at Tidløs starts with the question: what's the most sustainable way to achieve it? 

They produce locally in Europe, work with 100% natural fibres from responsible sources, and use limited series and pre-orders to avoid fashion waste from the onset.  

  • Timeless Designs

There are no seasonal tides. Their Norwegian heritage-inspired garments are designed to accompany in many different occasions, and shall never go out of fashion.
Thanks to designs & colours that you want to wear this year, next year, ten years from now. Timeless collections at theirs best.

  • Quality that lasts

Tidløs garments are designed to last. They only work with high quality raw materials, and use weaving techniques which have a high resistance to wear and tear.

Now, let's discover their products and production process

🏔Matching sets
You can find many matching sets. They are versatile, functional and perfect for hiking, skiing or any other mountain activities. To complete the look, some unisex accessories are available, such as beanies, neck-warmers and headbands.
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🏔The right choice of materials
They have chosen a material that works great for indoor and outdoor: a blend of wool and Tencel. 

- 60% Merino wool from New Zealand, RWS certified
- 40% Tencel (Eucalyptus) from South Africa, FSC certified

👍🏻The advantages
- 100% from natural sustainable source
- Temperature and moisture regulating (can absorb up to 30% moisture)
- Biodegradable yarn

🏔The production process
To close the circle of eco-friendly claim, they allow minimal textile waste during production: the yarn is directly knit into the shape of the final garment using flatbed knitting technique meaning that there is no cut-out waste or leftovers that they cannot reuse. In addition, all the suppliers are European and works in fair conditions. To enhance the sustainability approach, Tidløs is avoiding over-stock.

Their garments are 100% produced in Europe🇪🇺. They have formed a partnership with a family-run production business in Lithuania🇱🇹 that shares their commitment to sustainability and quality.

Also, during a period of the year, customers can make pre-orders that help better estimate production volumes and avoid dead-stock.
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Ready for the cold season? Choose Tidløs!