The Importance of taking time to recharge

Overcommitment is the new norm and our days have become fully-packed with to-do lists.
Even if you’ve worked hard to create work-life balance, it’s inevitable that you come home feeling exhausted and stressed. It’s okay to say we are tired.

Just like your body needs time to recover after a hard workout, your mind needs time to unplug and disconnect from the workday. 

Here are few tips that could help:

💚Have a ritual when you come home.
You can go for a run, make a healthy meal, or soak in the tub for 20 minutes. It could be anything that relaxes you and that is replicable each day.

💚Reduce screen time as much as possible:
- Use a screen timer device to tell you when you’re using them too much.
- Replace your late-night screen habit with something healthier: read, meditate, relax.

💚Look for some solitude moments: as Deep Work book author Cal Newport explains, solitude is less about physical isolation, and more about mentally disconnecting:

- If you have a family, ask your partner to do activities with the kids while you prep and cook dinner. This alone time will help you to disconnect. If you live alone, avoid distractions and focus only in the cooking! Spending time in alone-mode helps.
- Meditation is a good habit after you come home from work. Try to find some time before or after dinner depending on your schedule.

💚Spend time doing hobbies and schedule them in advance.

They elevate your mood; if you do them with your friends even more fun! Learning something new can also be a great idea.

💚Get a Change of Scenery 
The key to this step is just to switch up your surroundings. It can be easy to forget about the world beyond the four walls of your home; get out of the house to both physically and mentally disconnect from work. Whether this means just go in vacations or go running/ hiking in a new place!

💚Recognize the Importance of taking time to recharge.
No matter what field you work in, taking a break will not only benefit your overall health but also will work wonders on your performance at work. If you are less tired and stressed, you will be automatically more productive!

Take care of yourself!