Meet Avani: Wardrobe Timeless Essentials with Subtle and Feminine Details

"Shaking up the codes of the textile industry, without forgetting the pleasure of getting dressed" That’s Avani's mission!

Fashion doesn't have to come at the expense of our planet and sustainable fashion can be stylish too! 

For more than 3 years now, Avani has been working with passion to transform fashion. If Avani exists today, it is to redefine the vision of fashion and share it with everyone.

Avani offers wardrobe essentials suited to every occasion, as feminine as they are comfortable and designed to last throughout the seasons. Timeless pieces to reinvent and accessorise according to your desires and your personality!

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Invest in must-have essential pieces to build a capsule wardrobe that will allow you to easily mix and match different pieces. You will never get tired of these pieces while reducing the need for constant shopping, and contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry.

Who is the Soul behind Avani?

From the beginning, the Avani adventure has been a collective and personal story. A personal wake-up call for its founder, Delphine Haccius, towards collective action.

The moment came in 2013 with the tragic accident at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. This accident, a symbol of the abuses of fast fashion, resonated all the more with this young woman accustomed to the world of fashion, thanks to her grandparents, one in textile in Alsace and the other in fashion in Paris. A personal accident and long-term immobilization would give Delphine the opportunity to push her awareness further.

With a passion for fashion design, Delphine decided to make it her profession by launching Avani in May 2019, a responsible fashion brand in terms of human and environmental resources.

AVANI’s principles to bring to life their beautiful creations:
🌱Quality is a key element in their collections.

🌱 Produce in small quantities in order to limit stocks as much as possible. They have great flexibility to replenish quickly since their production manufacture is in France and Portugal.

🌱Work only with local artisans with respect to their conditions, ensuring a salary corresponding to their talent.

🌱Preserve regional know-how. Their creations have been designed and produced between Geneva (Switzerland) and Marcollin (France) and Lisbon (Portugal). This also allows them to conduct ongoing quality control and permanent communication with their artisans.

🌱Their essential components: finding innovative materials such as Tencel, upgrading of natural materials such as flax or hemp, adopting a local approach to choose their suppliers, offering clothes made in French or Portuguese workshops with excellent know-how, absolute transparency, a lot of passion and a huge pleasure to satisfy their customers.

AVANI has GOTS certification for products made with linen and Oeko-Tex 100 certification for the creations made with tencel.

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A brand that supports the slow fashion and challenges the current business models based on speed rather than quality and sustainability.

Their beautiful pieces are the best proof that it is possible to dress chic, local and sustainable.

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