KOMANA: Creating sustainable, season-less clothing with eclectic prints

Fascinated with the power of prints and shapes, evoking different cultures and wanderlust, building bridges through lines and patterns, all of this with respect to all beings and nature is at the core of KOMANA values, a brand run by Swiss sisters Nina & Livia.

KOMANA textiles come to life through their own custom made, hand illustrated prints. All starts with a piece paper, a pot of ink and a selection of paintbrushes. Their prints always try to illustrate the women’s individuality and her social conscience.

Their objective?

🌱To create pieces that are both aesthetically and ethically inspiring.

🌱Clothing with character and a touch of theatricality and humour.

🌱Products with meaning and personality.

🌱The designs blend playfulness with Femininity and have references to art history often linked to strong female artists from the past but also from our days.

At KOMANA, three type of fabrics are mainly used: organic cotton, peace-silk (ahimsa) and cupro.

How their collections are made?

Livia and Nina only work with suppliers who can guarantee fair labour standards.
 ▪️In Jaipur, India they have partnered with artisans in charge of sewing and printing their Artisan Collections with ahimsa silk. They are members of the WFTO ( World Fair Trade Organisation) and the Fair Trade Federation. All garments are made in-house using sweatshop-free, fair labour standards. Some of the employee benefits are full time employment, staff bonuses every three months, full medical care and paid holiday leave. 

▪️They have also been working closely with a small manufacturing unit in London for the past 5 years. They masterly sew their garment with organic cotton and cupro.

Livia and Nina aim to make pieces that we truly fall in love with and stay with us for a long time.

Here is a new GREENA-approved brand that will help preserving our planet!