MIIUK: Unique toys for unique little humans

Miiuk: a swiss brand, dedicated to children toys.

Everything started when Sophia Fanid, the soul behind the beautiful creations of Miiuk, wanted to buy a gift for her friend’s newborn.

Sophia had hard times to find THE perfect gift. She wanted a toy that is just cute and with no plastic, polyester or any harmful material. Since she did not find any, she decided to create some

💡 Step by step: how Miiuk toys are made?

1️⃣Preparing the drawing

2️⃣Cutting the fabric and drawing the pattern on it


4️⃣Filling with 100% Swiss wool

5️⃣Final closing of the plush

6️⃣Hand stitching the faces

This might seem easy, but in reality, it took Sophia some time before she excelled the process. Each creation is unique and different since most of the steps are done by hand.

Miiuk has very little stock and often it is on-demand.

Miiuk collaborates with Swiss creative brands and together, they make other items, such as beautiful baby socks.

Also, not to forget the partnership with Euqinimi a brand that produces the crochet versions of the stuffed toys.

👶🏼Did you know?

Wool naturally has Lanolin in it, which has antibacterial features and makes it very suitable for plush fillings. We are happy to discover such a brand for kids, in a market where it is hard to find something sustainable for our precious babies.