FANFARY: Handmade Ceramics and Upcycled Candles

“Nothing is more satisfying than finding a new life for seemingly useless things” words of Dorota, founder and creator of Fanfary

🕯Upcycled candles: from the wax to the container
The candles from Fanfary are made out of a ceramic shell with 100% upcycled wax. For the shell she uses clay, glazes and oxides of metals that she gets from local retailers.

🕯What about the upcycled wax? An unpredictable but beautiful result
The process of recovering wax from used candles requires time and care. The melted wax has to be filtered and it can have different melting temperature as it comes from different candles. Dorota relies only on recovered wax, so she can't always choose the colors or fragrances, but it makes the effect unpredictable which is the beauty of upcycling art.

🍃A craftsmanship process
Dorota is not only the founder but she also designs and make every pottery piece and candle by herself. From forming the piece out of clay, firing it and glazing - each candle she make is different and unique.

🍂Strong collaborations
She’s currently collaborating with a local ecological zero-waste store 'Petit Magasin' in St. Aubin where people can:
- Bring their candle leftovers to be upcycled.
- Refilled their container with upycled wax.

Also, if you buy a candle from Dorota, you can just turn the container into a flower pot! Remember: the goal is to always try to reduce waste or eliminate it completely.

Another brand we can add to GREENA's favorites.