MIDO MADE: Natural and environmentally-friendly care products

Time to indulge yourself. Make it sustainable with Mido Made.

Mido Made is a Swiss label from Zurich and stands for natural and environmentally-friendly care products: soaps, bath bombs, body butter, deodorant, body lotion, shampoo, and many more.

What makes these products different? Easy:

- They are Handcrafted

- No chemical additives, preservatives or surfactants

- No silicone, parabens, nor palm oil

- No fats of animal-origin and not tested on animals

All products are handmade with respect to their valuable, natural, raw materials and minerals. Each bar of soap is allowed to rest and mature for at least 4 weeks after production before it makes its way to their new home.

Essential oils are used for fragrances and only natural colors are processed. These unique products come in a packaging that is refillable, recycled or reusable. No aluminum or plastic used.

Mido Made is a label that proudly respect the environment. Consider trying their products for you or for your loved-ones :)