It is never too late to form new habits!

Whether you are enjoying a refreshing drink on the beach or just finished your day at work, everyday is a good day to be good to yourself. It is never too late to start new habits! 

While on vacation, I took the time to think about some ideas on how to spend quality time doing activities that will have positive impact on my mood and health. I am trying some of them and so far I am loving it! Here you go.

Stay hydrated all the time, even during vacation

While the exact number of times you should refill your water glass depends on each body type, hydration should be your number 1 health priority.
Water helps you digest your food, hydrates your skin and muscles, and it helps you feel full.

Even if during my vacations I am craving a cocktail at the apero time, I always order with it a glass of water. And while expose to the sun, I definitely increase my water intake! 

Always remember to avoid drinking in single-use bottles and keep with you a re-fillable bottle ;)

Eat real food

Avoid processed junk and opt for whole foods. Processed food can be convenient, and even more during vacations while we are sightseeing but they are not good for your health. There are too many reasons on why you should eat real food, here are some of them:
  1. It is more delicious and loaded with nutrients.
  2. It helps support local farmers and small business.
  3. Good for your skin, blood sugar and prevent diseases.
  4. Last but not least, it is better for the environment.

Shop with mindfulness

Stop buying everything you want and start buying everything you need! Think twice before shopping for new items, and make sure when you buy something new, you help a small business or a local artisan. This should be part of your new habits that will help you and the planet. Here is our online shop where you can find Swiss and European brands that we love! Take a look the next time you want to shop. 

Find an activity that you love

Spending part of your free time doing something you love will boost your mood.
- Do you love exercising? Options are endless: Outdoor, indoor, slow, intense, try different things and choose the one that you will enjoy the most. Currently, I am working on my running skills, so I brought my running shoes with me to Italy so I can practice, my goal is to finish the 10 KM run in Lausanne in October this year☺️
- What is your hobby? Painting, singing, dancing, writing. You name it! Take the time to practice and you’ll see the positive impact on your mood. Gaby loves Flamenco and it is a hobby that she can call her passion! How inspiring is this.
Whatever you are doing, make sure you are enjoying it to the max.

In one of our previous blogs we talked about some "me time activities". So, this leads us to the last habit we would like to recommend to you:

"Take time for yourself"

Whilst all of the above is very important, the most important habit of all times, is to take the time for yourself, to feel free to do whatever you want. Even if it is just sitting in a coffee shop having a coffee alone or with friends, reading a book at home or in the nature, taking the time to dive into it, or wandering around and exploring new things! It is up to you.

I am now trying to put more time in reading during my vacation! I love it! 

Are you ready to put yourself as a priority and start new "good" habits? 

 Enjoy it and share with us your healthy and mindful habits :)