How to enjoy a natural and organic warm bath

There’s no better elixir than soaking in warm water after a long day. It’s the right way to pamper ourselves when we need to relax, and it also improves our health if we use the right products!

Make the most of these benefits and prepare a 100% natural and organic bath. Traditional bubble baths are typically made with harsh soaps and other ingredients that normally will make our skin become drier, also affecting afterwards the marine life. Always avoid: sulfates, parabens and silicones.

In this article, we want to share with you natural, organic and skin safe bubble bath products from Mido Made, one of the cosmetics brand available on GREENA. These products will make you relaxed, hydrate and soothe your skin while protecting the planet. 

  • TimeOut - Naturally Scented Bath Powder: Transform your bathroom into a spa with this scented bubbling bath powder. Featuring nourishing oils, the seductive scent of orange, cinnamon, lemongrass and lavender will caress your senses.
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 TimeOut - Naturally Scented Bath Powder from Mido Made

  • Dead Sea Mineral Salt Body Scrub: If you have a sensitive skin, you will love the Mineral salts from the dead sea. Made with 100% pure dead salt, it has a high concentration of minerals and trace elements that will improve your skin's moisture retention. It has been dermatologically proven that Dead Sea salt specifically supports the skin in almost all itchy skin diseases, has an anti-itching, skin-soothing and relaxing effect.

    Dead Sea Mineral Salt Body Scrub from Mido Made

    • Crystal Himalayan Salt Body Scrub: Detoxify your skin with the Deep Cleansing Crystal Himalayan Salt. Composed of moisturizing, purifying and deeply cleansing elements, it has more than 80 minerals. It brings your body and soul back into balance. This product is also rich in magnesium that helps muscles to relieve cramps.
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    Deep Cleansing Crystal Himalayan Salt Body Scrub from Mido Made
    • Rock Your Body - A Natural Fizzy Bath Powder: Get seduced by delicious scents with the Rock your body bath powder. a combination of fine sea salt, natural cleansing oils and enriching minerals will create a combination of uplifting fragrances that help you relax, relieve stress and promote good health.
    Rock Your Body - A Natural Fizzy Bath Powder from Mido Made

      It’s time to soak in warm water! Indulge yourself and choose the right products.