Make Organic and Natural Sunscreen a Daily Habit

No matter the season, sunscreen should be your daily habit all year round! Getting a shot of Vitamin D is always good for our health but let’s take the right precautions to protect our skin.

Top three reasons why we must apply sunscreen every single day:

  1. It Protects Your Skin from UV Rays
  2. It Lowers Your Skin Cancer Risk
  3. It Prevents Premature Aging of the Skin

But what’s the best sunscreen for you and the planet? Definitely the natural ones.

When it comes to sun protection, "natural" usually refers to physical sunscreens that use minerals to block UV rays or sunscreens that don't include oxybenzone (an ingredient that can affect hormones and allergies in humans and has been found to cause coral bleaching and coral death). Instead search the ingredients 'zinc oxide' when selecting a mineral sunscreen.  

We have put up together a list of options but please consult first with your dermatologist, each skin is different.

☀️Mustela High Protection Sun Lotion SPF 50+ with Organic Avocado, available on their website.

☀️Supergoop PLAY 100% Mineral Lotion SPF 30 with Green Algae Available in Supergoop

☀️Solaris Natural Sunscreen Milk from Atinge organic

☀️Natural Mineral Sunscreen Lotion from Salt & Stone

☀️Fresh sunscreen from Ringana available in their website.

Let’s protect our skin but also the planet by avoiding harsh chemicals.

Take care of yourself ALWAYS.

More tips to add to your beauty routine coming soon in the well-being section of GREENA.