Eco-friendly beach trip essentials

Summer is here and we are getting ready for vacation. If you are already preparing your suitcase, we want to make sure you have the eco-friendly essentials for your trip! Here's a list of our top picks: 

1. Organic beach towel
We like incredibly absorbent, super soft, and organic towels.
Choose from brands like Nikin and Liewood the quality is just amazing, and even after washing several times, you have always the feeling that they are brand new! I can definitely see myself having them for a decade at least.

2. Beach bag
Let’s be open to the multi-usage idea. The super stylish farmers market tote works also as the cutest beach bag. Use it for vegetables in the morning and beach stuff for the afternoon :) we love multi-usage tote bag, they are washable, stylish and eco-friendly.

3. Reef safe sunscreen
I know we have been repeating ourselves on this topic. But trust me, a change has to be done for the ocean and if we can start it by small actions, this is amazing! Also remember that it’s important to use it not only when you’re headed to the beach but all the time. Once you wash these chemicals off will eventually make their way out to the ocean.
So beach day or not you really should look for reef safe sunscreens that don’t have oxybenzone and octinoxate on the ingredient list.
Use natural products from Atinge, Ringana, Salt and Stone.

4. Beach hat
I need my beach hat! First, it help your face skin by protecting it from the sun and as you know it adds style on your beach outfit 😉
Choose a handmade beach hat from the artisans around you! We love the handmade one from Nomad Chic

5. Sunglasses
Obviously another multi-usage item and not only for the beach, but if it happens that you did not invest yet in eco-friendly sunnies here are few brands that respect the planet while designing beautiful sunglasses. To name few, we love what Oscar and FrankParafina and Viu eyewear do.

6. Sandals
Beautifully designed and handmade sandals are very important to pamper your feet on the way to the beach 👣
Choose from Lilday your favorite pair of summer shoes.

Grab you favorite book and let’s head to the beach!

And you? What are you packing in your beach tote this summer?