Add this healthy spice to your summer aperos

Searching for some healthy condiments to add to your next apero this summer?

Za'atar is the answer! A healthy, delicious and middle-eastern spice that will give a special touch to your dishes. 

With my Lebanese origins, Za'atar has been for me the "go-to" condiment that I ate at any time of the day. 

My mom makes our own Za'atar every year, nothing beats a fresh smell of this blend.

What is Za'atar made from?

To make the Za'atar mix, you need 3 important ingredients:

- Dry wild thyme, grounded in a powdery-like consistence.

- Sumac: it has a very similar taste to lemon juice, being sweet and sour at the same time. With a deep red hue and trademark citrusy tartness, sumac is one of the most instantly recognizable spices of the Middle East. You can find it in the spices shops in your city. 

- Sesame: use it raw and toast it when you want to make the blend for a better taste :)

How to make the Za'atar mix?

- Toast 3/4 cup of raw sesame on the stove with medium to low heat until the sesame seeds become golden.

- Turn off the heat and add one cup of finely grounded wild thyme.

- Add 1 1/2 cup of sumac spice and mix well.

- Add a pinch of salt and let cool.

Now that you have the Za'atar mix, it is time to eat ;)

There are too many ways to eat the Za'atar:

  1. Pour the dry mix on your salad to give it an additional middle-easter lemony taste.
  2. Mix it with olive oil to have a spread and dip-in some cucumber or carrots for your perfect summer apero.
  3. Use the spread for the next time you are making a Focaccia. Thyme flavor is always a good idea.

What does Za'atar actually means?

Za’atar is the translation of the word "thyme" in arabic. It is one of the most ancient and traditional spice blends in the middle-eastern region. The plant itself grows in the wild. But it may be also cultivated anywhere with Mediterranean climate.

Thyme is said to derive from the Greek word thumus, signifying courage. Thyme has long been held to invigorate and gird the soul. 

    Hope you enjoyed reading this article and write us if you need more details on Za'atar ;)

    Sahtein (means bon appetit in arabic) 🤩