6 environmentally-friendly ways to enjoy water sports this summer

Sun is out, weather is getting warmer and the options for outdoor activites are endless! Discover 6 environmentally-friendly ways to enjoy water sports over the summer. Thanks to Biofriendly Planet blog for the great ideas!

💦Let’s start with the basics!
To reduce your carbon emissions while engaging in a water sport, you must make sure it doesn’t require a boat or any kind of engine-propelled vehicle (unless the engine runs on completely sustainable fuels). Otherwise you will be harming the environment.

A great exercise for your body and to enjoy the water. It leaves virtually no trace on the environment, as you propel yourself on your own. However, what you take into the water will have an impact. Make sure that your sunscreen is free of octinoxate and oxybenzone, as they can cause damage to coral reefs.

🤿Snorkeling and diving
A fun activity to explore the ecosystem. Just consider how you are getting to your diving site. If it’s a large boat that will burn a lot of fuel, try to find an option that uses oars or rowing instead of an engine.

A good workout for the upper body and my favorite when I’m visiting a new place! You can easily spot wildlife in the water and run your eyes across the shore to explore the towns or the wilderness you’re paddling past.

💧Paddle boarding
A must over the summer if you live close to the sea or a lake! You will need some dexterity, as you will be standing up on your board. Make sure you know how to choose an appropriate paddle board for your size and fitness level.

⛵️ Sailing
If you definitely want an activity in a boat, choose one that runs on either the power of an oar or the power of the wind. Sailing is more eco-friendly than riding on a boat designed to burn fuel.

Pick your favorite one and no matter what activity you choose, don’t disturb the animals and other creatures that inhabit the water. Don’t drop anything in the water either.

Go out, enjoy the nature, always remembering to be mindful about the planet and the impact we generate.