This is how you can enjoy a cloudy weekend

When it is cloudy outside, and you have already watched twice your favorite series on Netflix ;) visiting a museum could be the best option.

We love museums! We can learn so many things during our visits that can help us understand better the universe, the nature, our planet, the environment and the evolutions of human beings.

It is inspiring and can be a nice activity to share with our family and friends.

If you’re in Switzerland, these museums will help you learning more about everything that surround us: 

1. The Natural History Museum - Bern

If you love to learn about animals, you will definitely enjoy this museum that is also the oldest in the city and the most important nature museum in Switzerland. Its historical exhibitions of native and exotic animals are unique in Central Europe and form the basis of the institution's international reputation.

2. The Swiss Museum of Transport - Lucerne

For those that love to see and experience the evolution of things, specifically of mobility, this museum is for you! You will enjoy interactive attractions of road transport, rail, navigation and aviation. An outdoor area with playing facilities will make the experience a unique one even if it's cloudy outside!

3. Museum of Art and History - Geneva

This museum is the perfect one for art lovers and passionates about history. You will see 650,000 objects devoted to applied arts, fine arts and archeology. Each year, the museum presents ten temporary exhibitions ranging from Picasso to Roger Pfund via Akhenaton.

4. Olympic Museum - Lausanne

Whether you're a fan of sport competitions or not - Olympism isn't just sports! 

The museum is about an idea: Olympism and you will experience the same thrills as the athletes when you will visit the interactive exhibitions. Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern version of the Olympic Games, wanted to transmit that Olympism is a true philosophy of life that embodies not only sports but also fundamental ethical principles such as education, respect, artistic flair and social responsibility. No matter the age or knowledge of the sports discipline, any visitor of the Olympic Museum respond to these universal values.

5. Swiss Museum for Paper - Basel

Enter into a medieval fascinating mill and learn from handmade paper to finish books. You can also participate in the many workshops: Make paper, write with a goose quill, use a typewriter, typeset your name, and create colorful marbled paper! All these activities are included in the museum’s entrance fee.

6. Jean Tinguely & Niki de Saint Phalle Museum - Fribourg

The building constructed in 1900 originally housed the Fribourg tram depot. Today, it is a magical place with a colorful atmosphere and a mysterious vibe that pays tribute to legendary artists of the 20th century such as Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle.

💡Did you know that there are over 900 museums in Switzerland - almost one museum per 7500 inhabitants.

Enjoy your visit!