Go green while shopping online!

In the last two years, the shift towards a more digital world has been remarkable, more precisely in our shopping behaviours.
Online shopping has become the new normal.
So let’s ask to ourselves: How can we ensure that we do it in the right way to avoid harming our planet?

GREENA gives you 6 tips to make your online shopping experience environmentally friendly:

1. Buy what you need in one time from one online shop to minimize shipment.

2. Choose shops with sustainable packaging.

3. Avoid buying products online from the other side of the world. You may find interesting offers or things that are not available where you live, but do you really need it? Support your local business instead!

4. Avoid express shipping (it is usually more polluting than standard shipping). It creates more vehicles, more traffic, and potentially more emissions.

5. Minimize returns: think well before buying any item and if you are not 100% sure about size don't hesitate to call the shop and get all the details you need.

6. Ask to yourself: is what you need located far from home? If the store is closer to your home, let’s say, less than 3 km, it is environmentally beneficial to shop in store. In some cities, you can also use public transportation, so try to assess well the options.

Let’s try together to make our online shopping sustainable, from now on :) it is never too late!

And stay tuned because we will have some big news to share with you very soon!