Walnuts: a Versatile and Healthy Nut

From the shell to the nut, nothing goes to waste.

The walnut season is here. Let’s make the most of this nut and enjoy its nutrients while getting creative with the shell for other uses.

According to Fooby, the walnut tree is part of the beech tree family and can grow up to 15 to 30 metres depending on location. After the Ice Age it first appeared in Syria and Anatolia. The tree blooms from April to June and the nuts are then harvested from September to October. So this is now the moment to enjoy the benefits they have.

Start eating walnuts. Here’s why:

🌱They are rich in nutrients and antioxidants
🌱They deliver healthy fats
🌱They can help gut, brain and heart health
🌱They help reduce blood pressure
🌱They boost your mood
🌱They have impressive skin-beautifying properties, one of them being reducing skin inflammation.

Walnuts are also pretty and perfect natural elements to use for decoration. We have put some in the handmade ceramic bowls from Fanfary and we love how organic and warm they look in the kitchen.

Start being creative with the shells and the husks. Here’s how:
- Get your imagination turned on and use the shells for small decorative ideas, such as cat’s toys, miniatures animals, etc.
- Use the shells for a wonderful natural egg dye, just by boiling them in water.
- Use the walnut husks to make a durable ink for writing and drawing.

Walnuts are also very used in cosmetics:
Walnut shells are used in a variety of body and bath products, hand soaps and scrubs. This all-natural, biodegradable ingredient is an excellent micro-bead replacement and has been used in cosmetic formulations for over 30 years.

We love eating walnuts. Next time you see walnuts this season, buy them and enjoy their benefits :)