Transition towards a colder season and a sustainable wardrobe

Autumn is here and we need to prepare our wardrobe for the colder season. Let’s take this occasion to apply some sustainable tips that will contribute to our path towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

1. Consider the one-year rule

If it's been a year and it still has the tag on it or if you can't think of how to style it, it's time to let go (this does not apply for special occasion wear, obviously).

How to make it easier?
Place the items you do not need anymore in 3 categories:

  1. Donate: when they are still in good conditions.
  2. Recycle: when the only thing left to be used is the fabric itself (shirts with stains, old pajamas, etc). Check the recycling textile centers that are close to your area.
  3. Repair: Instead of discarding broken items in your closet, learn how to mend them. If repair isn’t your thing, find a trusted tailor.
  4. Sell: offline or online, there are plenty of ways! Check out websites such as Vestiaire Collective; myprivatedressing or hit some vide-dressings to buy/sell vintage or second-hand items. 

2. It’s catwalk time
We advise you to try things on during the cleaning process. Put your favorite playlist and have some fun.

The sentimental stuff is an important point to address in this process:
“If you’re keeping something only out of a feeling of obligation, allow yourself to preserve the memory with a photo, instead of carrying it as a burden“, says Spark Joy New York founder Amy Chinitz. She is an expert in untangling the emotions that tidying can turn up.

If it’s still hard for you to get rid of some items, donate them to your family or friends. And as the decluttering expert Marie Kondo that published the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, said: “Does this piece sparkles joy?” If it doesn’t, it has no room in your wardrobe.

3. Do your wardrobe inventory!
Now that you are done with decluttering, it’s time to do an inventory.
Write down everything you have or use apps to make it more simple such as closet+ or stylebook. This will help you deciding when you need to buy a new item, plan outfits and realize which items you haven’t wear in a while. 

You may already have the sustainable wardrobe at your home — you just have to see it.
Group all of your pants together, then skirts, dresses and so on. Got your piles? Now, take an audit of everything you have.
Learn to re-love your clothes. Get creative and make new outfits with your existing ones. You will have saved both money and environmental resources.

4. Edit your shopping habits and invest in quality pieces

Shop less, choose better. Save time and the planet by buying quality pieces that you will consistently use. Building an ethical wardrobe is also moving away from big-name brands and discovering new, local, independent designers who are working hard to make changes happen in the industry.

Here we give you some ideas on quality pieces you can invest on. 
- For the colder season, it's important to invest in one coat that you can wear with almost every single outift. Check out the Marta Houndstooth leftover Merino Virgin Wool Coat from Sanikai made from fabric leftovers. The perfect piece for cold days and give you the feeling of coziness when you are outside :) 

Houndstooth is a print that is never out of style, so you invest in a piece that is timeless.


- Invest in a top with a neutral color such as black or white that you can mix and match with a blazer; a sweater or your favorite coat. Check out the Jou Jou top from Komana made of 100% Organic Cotton, GOTS certified. The perfect companion for any occasion.


- Invest in a high quality warm sweater that you will wear during all autumn and winter. And since is made of quality and it's not fast fashion made from synthetics, you will be investing in a piece that will last season after season. Check out the black turtleneck from Sanikai, made from recycled cashmere. 


Remember to checkout as well preloved items from stores or websites to contribute to the circular economy. Here we give you some names:

 Ready to start the cold season with a sustainable wardrobe?

1️⃣Love what you have
2️⃣Think outside the box when auditing your closet
3️⃣Take care of your wardrobe!

Are you already on the right path to build an ethical wardrobe?
Share with us your tips and tricks.

Happy Sunday