3 self-care habits to start the week!

Let’s incorporate these self-care habits into, even, the busiest weekday!

And since most of us use Mondays to start something new, what if, today, we start to make some changes?

Always remember we are not aiming for perfection. But, incorporating one small change per week into our lifestyle, can do wonders to our overall well-being.

Let’s start today with 3 habits!

1. Create a morning ritual
Instead of picking up your phone and check on social media as soon as you open the eyes, you could do some breathing exercises, meditation or even a workout session. Find something that makes you feel good. After that, before having your breakfast, take a warm glass of water with lemon to detox your body and balance the pH levels of your system!

2. Walk during meetings
Most of us are now working remotely and many meetings are held virtually, so let’s make the most of this. “Mention to the person you’re meeting with that you’re going to take a walk while you talk and skip the video. Put a pair of headphones on and stroll for the 30-minute call,” recommends Ivy Slater, executive business coach and the CEO of Slater Success. “You’ll expand your mind, creativity, and ability to collaborate and brainstorm new ideas out in nature. It’ll benefit the business collaboration, improve your health, and encourage your meeting partner to join you and spread the wealth of health.”

3. Drink more water
About 60% of your body and about 70% of your brain are composed of water. Hydration is crucial for overall health and also for productivity. Serena Poon, a celebrity chef and nutritionist recommends to drink your body weight in pounds converted to ounces of water throughout the day.
If you don’t like water, you can add some flavor like ginger, peppermint leaves or a lemon slice.

Now, it is your turn to pick one of these new habits or to adopt them all 😉

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