Why you should grow your own Aromatic Herbs?

Aromatic herbs have so many uses: they can turn a recipe into a delicious dish; their aroma gives a perfect touch to a meal or drink and they have medicinal purposes.

We love to grow aromatic herbs at home. They are easy to take care of and they help you have a zero-km product at home to add in your recipes! Besides they have tons of benefits for our health.

We are in the right season of aromatic herbs here in Switzerland, so let us guide you through their benefits and some fun facts about Mint, Basil, Thyme and Rosemary.


Not only delicious, this well-known freshly scented plant also has many medicinal properties.
The freshness of mint often makes us think of summer as it is used in salads and drinks and even desserts.
The plant’s scent can also help to improve concentration, relieve blocked sinuses and cure headaches.

Research shows that several of mint’s health benefits come from applying it to the skin or inhaling its aroma.

- Rich in nutrients
Mint is a particularly good source of vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin that is critical for eye health and night vision.
It is also a potent source of antioxidants, especially when compared to other herbs and spices. Antioxidants help protect your body mainly from oxidative stress.

- Easy to add to your diet
You can easily add mint to green salads, desserts, smoothies and even water. Peppermint tea is another popular way to incorporate it into your diet.
According to healthline researchers:

  1. Eating fresh or dried leaves: helps to treat bad breath.
  2. Inhaling essential oils: may improve brain function and cold symptoms.
  3. Applying it to the skin: reduces nipple pain from breastfeeding.
  4. Taking capsules with food: may help treat indigestion.

🤩Fun fact: mint leaves can also be used to whiten teeth and are very effective to get rid of bad breath.


Basil leaves are used in a variety of culinary preparations. In addition to the flavour, the culinary herb is said to preserve and enhance the properties of the food. From healthy gut to stronger immunity, benefits of basil leaves are quite a lot. Here are some you may not have known, according to Food ndtv:

- Fights depression: use basil essential oil to better manage depression and anxiety.

Supports liver function and helps detoxify the bodyBasil may help prevent fat build-up in the liver and keep your liver healthy.

- Promote healthy gut: Basil also helps restore the body's natural pH levels and feeds healthy bacteria within the gut microflora. A healthy gut flora increases immunity and promotes healthy digestion.

Fresh basil is often used to flavour meat and vegetables dishes as well as fish.

For the Italian food lovers out there (like us 😍) basil is a must in your garden, to prepare delicious recipes such as the pesto sauce.

🤩Fun fact: Basil is native to tropical Asia and belongs to the mint family.


It is a Mediterranean herb with dietary and medicinal uses. The flowers, leaves, and oil of thyme have been used to treat a range of symptoms. In addition, bees love thyme flowers :)

- Culinary Uses: Thyme is most commonly paired with rosemary and sage, but it actually goes well with a variety of other spices, like garlic seasoning, onion powder, and cayenne pepper. It’s used in lots of different sauces, Mediterranean marinades and Italian dishes.

- Medical Uses: Thyme is used in products for respiratory health, sinus infection, and even bad breath! It’s even been said that thyme helps prevent colon and breast cancer.

🤩Fun fact: the name ‘Thyme’ comes from the Greek word "thumos", which actually means courage. 

Rosemary is a fragrant evergreen herb native to the Mediterranean. It is used as a culinary condiment, to make bodily perfumes, and for its potential health benefits.

Using rosemary will definitely give your culinary creations a very tasty twist! It is versatile and can be added raw, cooked or dried to many recipes.

Also, adding small branches of this herb to your Gin Tonic this summer will definitely have its effect.

On the health side, rosemary has a long list of benefits, going from memory and concentration booster to headache reliever and not to forget that rosemary helps control hair loss and dandruff.

🤩Fun fact: Rosemary has over 3 times more iron than spinach.


Growing our own herbs is not only beneficial for the planet and our health but highly practical to save time and have the ingredients on hand when needed!


Stay tuned, as we will be sharing some must-try recipes with aromatic herbs very soon.