Our sustainable gift guide for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is almost upon us, and even if some of us can’t be with our Moms on that day, we still want them to feel special.
What if you give your beloved Mom a sustainable gift that will help her to reduce her carbon footprint and that she will obsess over?

We’ve got you covered.
We have compiled a list of ideas that will help you decide the best gift for the one that is always there for you:

1. For the mom that loves beauty products, give her the set "Illuminer" from Foret blue to get her skin to glow!  The set contains a face scrub with shea shell and a face mask with lotus. The combination of these two treatments allows the face to get rid of dead skin and deeply hydrate to regain all its radiance. Available in their website.

2. For the Mom that loves to decorate every single space of the house, give her a stylish cutting board from the brand Coloc made from eco-resin. To purchase, send them a direct message on Instagram or find any of their resellers.

3. Prepare your stylish Mom for summer with a sustainable bag! She brought you up in style and now it’s time to return the favor. Alienina knotted bags, made in Italy, are made from 90% waste textiles like sailing and mountain climbing cords, cotton wicks for oil lamps, and materials used for blinds. Available in their website.

4. Help her to go greener with a body care set! Mido Made has a set of natural and environmentally-friendly care products: A bubble bath, a foot spa, a body lotion bar and a peeling salt.

5. Help her to get dressed for her daily workout with sustainable active-wear! Labisk.ot is the perfect option. A Swiss based brand that uses recycled polyester made out of recycled plastic bottles. Find the full collection on their website.

6. Give her an elixir for her health! A box of ginger shots from Dame Gingembre or a subscription package from Nycha Kombucha could be the perfect choice!

7. For the mom with the long hair, give her a sustainable and stylish scrunchie from Chuperchouchou, a swiss brand from Lausanne. We are in love with the limited edition “Versailles collection” so hurry up and check their website!

She is there for everyone (always!), so now let's show up for her and make her feel special, but let’s remember the planet in every choice we make.

Happy Tuesday