Everything you need for a Zero waste pic-nic! 

June is the perfect time to plan a summer pic-nic with your besties! It is the time when nature wakes up with a fresh and vibrant palette of colors, flowers bloom and birds return. The sun is out and weather start to get warmer. It’s the perfect set up to go for a pic-nic! But, how to make sure it’s zero-waste? 

Today we will share with you few tips on how to enjoy the perfect zero-waste pic-nic:

🌱Use fabric napkins: they are washable, reusable and add a touch of style. Commit to using more cloth napkins, which are more sustainable than paper ones. Check the organic coton ones from Gem'o Swiss made, they are GOTS & Oeko-Tex® 100 Certified.

🌱Avoid single-use picnic-ware : plastic plates, cups, cutlery and drink stirrers can’t be recycled easily and they are harmful on the environment. Use your plates, cups and cutlery from home when you have a picnic or opt for the enamel items from Yiv or bamboo ones from Bambaw zerowaste.

🌱Put some efforts on making homemade food: also you can be avoiding food waste at the same time. Add the rest of the olives you have in the fridge in a delicious salad, and make a healthy treat with some ripe bananas. Check the recipe of the yummiest banana bread on our blog ;) 

🌱Put your food in jars, reusable boxes or beeswax wraps and avoid using any plastic films or bags or buying plastic-packaged food. Check for some stylish beeswax wrap from Loggia16.

🌱Compost what you can and bring it back home with you. Your garden will be thankful ;) 

And in the end: Whatever you do, try to always take care of nature during your pic-nic outing. Here are few ideas:

1️⃣Discover hidden gems in your area: try to stay local and not spend half of the day traveling. Do some research and discover great picnic spots close to you while still learning and getting to know your locality. 

2️⃣Live in harmony with nature: protect the natural ecosystem. People and pets can sometimes interfere with the ecosystems and ways of life of native species plants, nesting birds, and other small creatures in the picnic surroundings. Try to pay extra attention to where you walk and what you touch.

3️⃣Bring a trash bag with you: Clean up your picnic area and that of your neighbors if they leave a mess behind. There is no need to upset the ecosystem with the large amounts of junk left over after a picnic.

“Protecting the nature should be a habit and part of our lifestyle” 🌎