Cross-Country Skiing in Valais

Winter is still here. Let's celebrate the last weeks of the cold season!
Today, we take you to the Swiss mountains, more precisely to Canton Valais for some cross-country skiing.

Have you heard or practice cross-country skiing?

It is a form of skiing where skiers rely on their own locomotion to move across snow-covered terrain, rather than using ski lifts. 

According to Worldloppet, Cross-country skiing is one of the oldest winter sports, especially well known in Scandinavian countries. 

It's a very complete and healthy practice that compared to running is even more gentle for the body’s joints. It is also rejuvenating and relaxing since it will allow you to connect with our rich natural heritage where the stunning winter landscapes will take your breath away.

Last but not least, cross-country skiing improves cardiovascular endurance.

Where to do cross-country skiing in Valais?

In Evolène-Les Haudères, discover the most beautiful cross-country pistes in the central Valais.
A long trail of around 20 KM for cross-country skiing, allowing you to do a fresh morning workout or a slowly one in the afternoon to discover beautiful and magical snow scenes.

You can rent the equipment from the many stores in both villages, Evolène or Les Haudères, it is way lighter than the equipment for alpine ski ;)

In this picture, Zeina was enjoying the first time of cross-country skiing :)

This winter, discover the many outdoor sports in Switzerland and always think how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful country!