Back to work - Let's get things done in a greener space

Our working situations have changed dramatically since early 2020. And with the current numbers of the pandemic, most of us will be probably working from home at least during the month of January. 

Let's get things done in the right space at home. We want to give you some Greena-approved tips to help you having a sustainable and organized space that will not only do good to the environment but also to your mind and creativity.

🌱Make the most of natural light. The right spot to work is where natural light is! Opt to work in the space at home with plenty of natural light. If you don’t have huge amounts of it, use light colors and strategically place mirrors around the room to boost the light you get.

🌱Choose gears that do not use a lot of energy. For example, a laptop is more practical and energy-efficient than a desktop PC (of course this will also depend on your type of work).

🌱Remember to turn off and unplug all the equipment you are not using from the computer to the printer since they can drain energy even when turned off.

🌱Go digital. Avoid printing as much as you can. If you most print a document, you can use recycled paper and print it on both sides.

🌱Try to reuse your office supplies such as folders and binders. And recycle if possible: paper, printer toners, donate furniture you don’t need…

🌱Avoid buying items you don’t need to keep your space minimalist and with the essentials

🌱Start cleaning up and decluttering your workspace. Keep only the elements that you need.
At the end of every day, take the time to wipe down your desk before you head out.

🌱Organize your computer desktop, too. If your computer screen is a nightmare maze of icons and unsorted files, there's still work to be done. And delete e-mails that are in the “junk” or “deleted items" folders. This has huge impact on environnement. 

🌱Work on one thing at a time. Instead of working on lot of topics at the same time, focus your attention on a single task.
To further minimize clutter, make the one thing you're working on the only thing that gets to occupy space on your desk.

🌱Tether your cables. Disorganization isn't just what's in or on your desk: it's also what's underneath and behind your work space. Get some zip ties and collect your cables together in neat little bundles, then tuck them away so you don't have to look at them.

Work smarter and create your green and minimalist space at home.