Organic Millet San Marino 2 Kg

CHF 14.00

Organic millet (Panicum miliaceum, L from the Poaceae family) of the San Marino variety Conservatory millet.

Naturally selected and self-produced seed. Guaranteed traceability; grown in agroforestry in plots near the mountains in an organic district. Decorticated by hand and mechanically cold.

Product Details

  • Origin: Northern Italy
  • MDD: 30/05/2023

History & Anecdotes

Millet is an ancestral cereal whose first traces date back to -8700 BC.

Although they are present on several continents (Asia, Africa, and Europe), historical documents point to the first domestication of millet Setaria italica in China, around 6,000 to 7,000 years ago.

It was even one of the five sacred plants that the emperor sowed every year during a prestigious ceremony. In France, "the first trace of millet in official documents appears 2,000 years ago", explains historian Hervé Goulaze, specialist in the history of millet in the Landes region. Thus the two main millets grown in France were foxtail millet (Setaria italica) and common millet (Panicum miliaceum). There are a thousand and more varieties of millet.

Here we present a variety of conservatory: millet San Marino. A passer dommesticus is represented on the packaging because they are fond of millet.

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    About the Brand 

    On the way for a sustainable future, Umile aims to recover heirloom seeds in disparition, caring and regenerating healthy soils and growing crops without any chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Umile works closely with nature and not against it by working only in environments where biodivesity is respected. Besides sustainable agriculture, Umile leverages the natural plants we find in our forest. The team respectfully collect them in the Jura and Alps to create food supplements that can help to prevent and heal diseases.
    From the land to your plate, enjoying and discovering the taste of biodiversity, this is Umile’s mission.

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